Peat Producers Association “Lietuviškos durpės“ was established on 20 June 1994 by a Memorandum of Association signed by joint venture UAB „Laukėsa – WTL“, state company “Lietuvos durpės“, UAB „WTL – Weiss – Torf – Handels Gesellschaft“ branch, AB „Durpeta“, UAB „Tyras“, UAB „Šilutės durpės“, UAB „Samana“ and Gedrimai state peat company.

The following tasks were set for the Association:

  • improve peat industry and peat bog exploitation;
  • provide information;
  • generalize Association members’ internal economic information, analyze it and make a
  • comparison with other companies’ information;
  • standardize, classify and specialize products and production;
  • analyze the impact of labour capital, products and raw material markets on the Association members’ direct activities;
  • represent the Association members’ interests in state authorities and submit proposals;
  • assist in cooperation with foreign partners on economic and professional issues;
  • provide consulting on production rationalization and economy development issues;
  • organize exhibitions, seminars and specialists training on peat production, processing and sales;
  • coordinate material and technical maintenance issues.


On 7th July, 1994, association “Lithuanian peat” was incorporated in the then Vilnius city department and began its activity. The first president of the association was the director of a state firm “Lithuanian peat” Arvydas Karklinis, who held his post until 5th January, 1996; then Povilas Briedis was elected new president of the association and worked almost eight years – until 15th July, 2004. He was replaced by Vaidotas Šiaučiūnas, and on 22nd March, 2005, former CEO of Joint Venture JSC “Laukėsa – WTL” Albinas Černauskas was elected president.
On 18th March, 2011, association board elected JSC “Klasmann-Deilmann Ežerėlis” chief Giedrius Kavaliauskas for the position of president.
General Meeting is the highest association management body, which elects a 5-member Board for two years.
Pursuing the tasks set at the moment of establishment, the Association assists its members in solving various problems related to peat extraction, production and sales, and acts as a mediator for companies in dealing with Lithuanian authorities and foreign partners. In order to facilitate the above work and spread information about the Association, a decision was made to join the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists in 1997, whereas from 6 June 2004 the Association is a member of IPS (International Peat Society ) and has a status of IPS National committee.

Moreover, the Association maintains close cooperation with EPAGMA (European Peat and Growing Media Association) and with corresponding associations of neighbouring countries, i.e. Latvian, Estonian, etc.

In addition, the Association organizes various events to its members. Meetings of the Association members are convened on a regular basis, where various issues urgent to members are discussed. Representatives of Lithuanian authorities are invited to attend the meetings, who explain about changes of legislation and changed requirements for peat extraction and other companies, as well as discuss problems emerging to the Association members.

During the Meeting of the Association members held on 15 September 2006, the Association members expressed an initiative to introduce Prof. Jurgis Vidmantas nomination of the honorary worker of peat industry. The nomination was introduced in order to pay tribute to the merits of Professor Jurgis Vidmantas, an eminent pioneer of the science of peat in Lithuania, to the science of peat and peat industry, and encourage development of the science of peat and peat industry in Lithuania.


Prof. Jurgis Vidmantas medal of the honorary worker of peat industry

This nomination is awarded for a significant contribution to the science of peat, new and efficient technologies implemented in peat industry, and a considerable input into the spread of knowledge when preparing specialists and improving their skills. The persons awarded receive a medal of Prof. Jurgis Vidmantas, a certificate and a cash prize.

Baltic Peat Producers Forum is one of the most important events held by the association, which is organized together with Latvian and Estonian Peat Producers Associations and takes place in the end of August every year.

During the years of the Association’s existence, not only a shift of presidents, but also a shift of its members has been occurring. With a change of economic situation in Lithuania, a share of companies have changed their status or names, some of them have been liquidated. Currently the Association unites not only peat producing companies, but also several enterprises involved in peat transporting, production of various equipment needed for peat companies and research.

Interesting facts

  • Activated coal is produced from dark decomposed peat, which is used for filtering liquids, gases and precious metals from pollutants, i.e. in food, drinking water and medicine industry.
  • Our ancestors would give a piece of charcoal to eat, especially for children intoxicated by food, since even back then they noticed that coal mitigates the consequences of intoxication.
  • From old times, peat was used for fuel in Lithuania. Records reveal that even in the beginning of the 19th century peat was extracted and used for fuel in the places where forests were sparse.


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Asociation members / peat production and processing


The company is mainly involved in peat and fuel peat extraction and sales.

Patyrio samana

The company is mainly involved in peat extraction, sales and transport services.


Forecasting of solid mineral resources, search and reconnaissance of bogs, computer assisted design of pits, evaluation of the environmental effect of mining, ecogeological research and consulting.


The company is mainly involved in peat extraction, processing and sales.

Dr. Romas Pakalnis

Environmental scientific research is the main activity.

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