When people cooperate and work well together, there is a better chance of achieving results!

  • A union of associated activity is possible only by uniting a group of people reaching for common and explicit aims.
  • Success is achieved not when working for a group, but when working together with a group.
Naturally, a leader of the like-minded was needed at the beginning. We had one.

In June 1994, Povilas Briedis, a patriarch of peat industry employees, organized the like-minded of his trade into a voluntary union of peat producers, which started to coordinate and execute the tasks delegated by its members, and represent their economic interests in state authorities and institutions as well as in international associated organizations.

During the period of its existence, the Association has accomplished a lot of various works. We may mention an annual Baltic Peat Forum, where members of the Association can demonstrate their achievements and listen about the colleagues’ experience. Eventually, this is not just a forum of three Baltic countries; it is rather a serious and solid European level annual international conference of peat industry workers.

Not every association can enjoy such achievements!



  • If you want to act together with colleagues from your trade,
  • Be brave, since you will need to express your opinion to colleagues publicly,
  • Be patient, because only effort, time and work will produce desirable results,
  • Be tolerant, since your opinion not always will be supported,
  • Be strategic, because a strategy is not in details, but a strategy is made from details,
  • Be motivated, because only the motivated are able to state their goals.

The most important is to believe that building together is more creative, easier and more efficient.

So come and see!

Interesting facts

  • Activated coal is produced from dark decomposed peat, which is used for filtering liquids, gases and precious metals from pollutants, i.e. in food, drinking water and medicine industry.
  • Our ancestors would give a piece of charcoal to eat, especially for children intoxicated by food, since even back then they noticed that coal mitigates the consequences of intoxication.
  • From old times, peat was used for fuel in Lithuania. Records reveal that even in the beginning of the 19th century peat was extracted and used for fuel in the places where forests were sparse.


2016-09-22 News

Klasmann-Deilmann takes over leading provider of biomass in the Baltic region

Klasmann-Deilmann takes over leading provider of biomass in the Baltic region

Latvian group will strengthen the company’s Renewable Energy Business Unit. Klasmann-Deilmann reiterates its ambitious targets for the Baltics.

2015-04-23 News

The Energy Union: A big opportunity to think local?

The Energy Union: A big opportunity to think local?

The struggling EU economy and the Ukraine-Russia gas dispute are not temporary issues. Many EU countries still suffer from unemployment and gas disputes remain a chronic threat to the European energy system and its entire economic development.

Asociation members / peat production and processing

Dr. Romas Pakalnis

Environmental scientific research is the main activity.

Klasmann-Deilmann Šilutė

The company is mainly involved in peat extraction and processing.


Forecasting of solid mineral resources, search and reconnaissance of bogs, computer assisted design of pits, evaluation of the environmental effect of mining, ecogeological research and consulting.


The company is mainly involved in peat extraction and processing, as well as production of thermal energy by using fuel peat and other type of biofuels.

Klasmann-Deilmann Gedrimai

The company is mainly involved in peat extraction.

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